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Amalu thermographic case studies / 2004

Applewhite earthing body voltage / 2005

Biophysics of earthing / 2015

Brown chevalier hill earthing delayed muscle / 2010

Chevalier earthing pulse rate / 2010

Chevalier electrical surface potential / 2007

Chevalier sinatra HRV paper / 2011

Differences in blood urea and creatinine

Earthing (Grounding)

the human body reduces blood

Earthing Health Implications of

Reconnecting the Human Body

Earthing the human organism influences

Ghaly teplitz cortisol study / 2004

Grounding the Human Body Improves Facial


Sokal sokal earthing

influence physiology / 2010

The effect of earthing (grounding)

on human physiology

The effect of earthing on human physiology

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Building blology evaluation guidelines / 2015

Exposure limits for

radiofrequency energy three models

HF-Radiation levels of GSM cellular

phone towers in residential areas

Maximum exposure levels to

radiofrequency fields 3 kHz to 300 GHz

Neurological effects of Non-Ionizing

Non-Ionizing radiation, Part 1 WHO-STATIC

and extremely low-erequency (ELF)

electric and magnetic eields

Radiation exposure in clinical settings

Radiation from wireless technology

affects the blood, the heart,

and the autonomic nervous system

Re bioeffect research to address

Scientific committee on emerging

and newly identified health risks

WHO-IARC Classieies radioerfquency

electromagnetic fields as